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The Learning Exchange a trusted partner for school improvement and professional development

North Somerset Learning Exchange has a passion for improving the learning opportunities for all children and young people.

Our approach embodies effective partnership working, encourages innovation and allows us to build a relationship with you that empowers and leads to sustainable good practice, in partnership with regional and national providers. We provide tailored support that is flexible, adaptable and meets your ongoing needs.

Our team of professionals have a national reputation for providing high class support and educational resources. We have gained this reputation by supporting educational settings in North Somerset and beyond over an extended and continuing period.

We offer a wide range of services to all North Somerset schools and academies and continually seek to improve our offer. Some of the services on offer this year include:

• Year 2 of “Learning without Limits – The North Somerset Challenge” is complimenting our framework entitled “Well Educated Child” with key elements including leading learning, CPD/Research & Development, pedagogy and curriculum.

Learning without limits is based on fundamental beliefs that can be summarised as follows:

• Education can and does have the power to transform lives.
• It is a social, emotional and cognitive experience that is shared by teachers and pupils.
• Ability is not fixed.
• What is done in the present has the potential to change the future.
• Education works best when everybody is in it together; there is trust between everyone involved and pupils and teachers work together in a spirit of co-agency.

We work with all schools and academies to lead the transformation of the educational system as we work towards 2020; we continue to develop partnerships and collaborations and to create a sustainable and innovative service for the future with school to school support at its heart.

The Learning Exchange is commissioned by the Council to fulfil its statutory school improvement functions to provide support and challenge to schools causing concern or requiring improvement.

Our mission statement is:

North Somerset Learning Exchange, a not-for-profit organisation, has a passion for improving the learning opportunities for all children and young people. It is dedicated to helping schools and academies achieve their improvement priorities. By drawing on best practice from across the school system, it provides valued professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders, including peer-to-peer school support.

Our aim is for the Learning Exchange to be:
• Led by values and purpose
• Inspired by big ideas
• Championing excellence for all
• Securing equality
• Enhancing collaboration
• Growing learning communities



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